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Explain current projects. How will you contribute to sales team. Questions related to current project. My roles in current current project. It lasted like 20 minutes. Just wasted my time.

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Imagine that you meet with a small startup company in the early stages of their operations. Currently their architecture uses a LAMP stack with MySQL, Apache and PHP all running on one desktop PC within their small office. Like many small start-ups they are confident that they will be the next big thing and expect significant, rapid, yet un-quantified growth in the next few months. Recommend a manageable, secure, scalable, high performance, efficient, elastic, highly available, fault tolerant and recoverable architecture that allows the startup to organically grow. The architecture should specifically address the requirements/concerns as described above.

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Q: How would you handle a customer that is about to drop Nutanix as a vendor?

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Mostly asking you how to use their product and how you counter customer who slam their products.

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Q: Explain how you understand the role of Customer Success Manager?

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Your global exposure

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Questions on roles and responsibilities and how would you handle it? *No* Salesforce platform questions were asked!

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HR related questions from HR team. Functional and Technical Team basically asked industry, implementation and product related questions. Situational questions will be asked as well, like which are the top 3 difficult implementation you did and how did you manage to go about it. Professional Services Director / Manager typically asks situational questions related to skills, projects etc.

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1. Problem solving skills 2. Analytical/Logical/Lateral thinking 3. Solution/Integration/System/Test. 4 White board discussion, 5 Design principles, 6 Architecture diagram etc

What is anmotation in micro service conyroller

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