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J.P. Morgan
Software Architect was asked...31 December 2013

How do you approach situations where multiple influential employees have different (and possibly hidden) agendas.

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Most questions are built around Amazon's 14 principles.

6 Answers

No!! Who’s said leaders are right always at Amazon?? I was there for a couple years and months leadership is never right at Amazon don’t blowing out people mind here at Amazon they always need one things and only one things how you can helping us to makes more money if you got an idea bringing in it but that idea supposed to an idea where they can using it to makes money not spending money Less

At Amazon they always said customers first I would like to asked those people who came here and said leadership bla,bla,bla what’s leadership for those people? Leadership means responsibility and respect and also determination at Amazon as I said they only got one things in head makes money in any condition that money suppose to get in period! I would love to asking those people who’s came here and talking about leadership inside amazon building if they never and ever took theirs time to read customers reviews on the kind of products than amazon selling on their website!! Please watching news ok and we gonna heard about amazon Less

There are Amazon employees giving tips on blind for the interviews. Less

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Crossover for Work

A bunch of shapes with patterns, like Tetris and you are required to find the next shape in the puzzle sequence

4 Answers

Mark Mircea Manzarescu I used the same site as the guy above me crossoverccat it helped immensly, im pretty sure its considered cheating but whatever the questions dont have any real life work impact anyway Less

Based on the fact that you only have 15 minutes to complete the test, it's not advisable to try and find the correct pattern because while you'll find that pattern, you'll be running out of time to do other questions, which will result in a FAIL for you, The most important thing in this step is your guessing ability and ability to guess right Less

Both times i tried, i got into top 7% with CCTA test. The only thing that bothers me is presence of Qs that require really good English level (C2+). I didn't know meaning of words "inculpate" or "denounce". This is the strange part of this test. This is unfair to compare engineers that are non-native speakers with ones that are and decide on their cognitive abilities based on knowledge of some rare words. Less

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Started by asking the usual: expectations, ambitions, why the company, then a surprisingly basic white board test about basic sql concepts and some basic recusrive algorithm The peer programming technical test was just a simple TDD excersive. The rest I can't tell, I was dismissed after TDD for reason explained bellow

3 Answers

The tecnical peer prog interview went on this way: - A very senior and old school partner sat down with me. He asked me develop a program to do a simple and highly academic task which I promise not to disclose here. - Then he watched my every move and was never able to wait ore that 10 seconds before pushing me into the direction he wanted me to go. It was almost impossible for me to concetrate nor to follow my own thinking process because my "peer" could not restrain himself from telling me what to do, why and then lecture me about software concepts. The final straw was when he told me my solutions where not "conceptually optimal" even after preaching me to follow TDD to the letter where you have to develop the easiest "non-optimal" code first. - After a long time of continuous intervention, condescendence and contradictions it is no surprise that the "peer" dismissed me immediately, even though I was able to finish the task despite his continuous interference. The cheery on the top was when he mentioned I could be an awesome DevOps engineer because my CV mentions I've worked with AWS, Jenkins and Docker. Let's remember the interview was for a Software Architect position. I do aprreciate some of the feedback I received nevertheless. But after several days of thinking about what to write in this review I can just summarize this brief encounter with this company as a disapointment, but moreover I do reckon this company is owned and managed by a group of very talented Senior and very academic peers who apparently want to hire other people who think exactly in the same way the do. So if you are a geeky Software Engineer with passion for the academic world; if you like to be the expert of experts and brag about it or maybe if you just know TDD to the letter and consider yourself an expert within the box, you'll do just fine here and I'm pretty sure you will enjoy it. Less

Hi Teona, Thanks for your comment. Your words could not make more sense, as you described the essence of what an interviewing process should be all about. Team fit, attitude and skills. The problem is that this is exactly what's was missing in your interviewing process. You can't possibly evaluate a candidate fully in 1 hour while at the same time forcing them to abide by your streamlined process. Seems to me the interviewer was looking for someone who was exalt like him in every geeky aspect. He was heavily biased towards his own experience and judgement of his preferred professional profile. Now that it's not an issue per se, you are entitled to choose what best suits you as a company and there is no perfect way of running a selection process, I reckon that. But dismissing my entire experience acumen in such a short time and sealing the quick judgement with a condescending suggestion within an area completely outside my career path was, at best, a waste of my time. My comment was intended to create awareness for other colleges who also struggle with mediocre interviews in London. If they happen to for the pet peeves of the interviewers they may do just fine. One final remark. It doesn't help your point, which again I respect but not share, when you throw a sarcastic comment about how the word "awesome" is only used for the Grand Canyon. A proper use of sarcasm would rather be to say that"awesome" is everything my interview experience was not. But I would take that back, as my experience is different from others and I'm sure I can't generalize my opinion of your company based solely on a deficient interview and a reply without the adequate reflection. If anything I'm happy I didn't join a company that doesn't appreciate an honest feedback and who passive aggressively bashes them. Less

Dear Candidate, At Zuhlke we use a short pair programming exercise to help us understand a number of things about a candidate, including: - How do they think about coding – how much of what they do is habitual rather than principled, and how much do they consider the current context as it changes? - Can they quickly learn to adapt to a set of constraints, i.e. the particular way we ask them to perform TDD? - Do they have good design instincts, and can they recognise poor (or sub-optimal!) code? - Would we be prepared to spend a day pairing with them? - Do they think as quickly as our engineers tend to? - Do they have a sense of humour? We would expect that anyone who makes it to that stage of the interview process would be able to solve the ‘academic problem’ itself, quietly by themselves given sufficient time – but that is not the point of the interview. As a rule, our engineers work in tightly knit teams with extensive use of pair programming and TDD. Anyone who can’t perform well in such an environment will not be a good fit for us, and we will not be a good fit for them. Further, someone who is slow to recognise poor code quality and does not take the chances offered to refactor it is not a person we would consider suitable for an architect role. At Zuhlke the architects provide technical leadership through coding. A final comment: We try to give constructive feedback and answers to questions, whether or not applicants are successful. In this case we suggested that a DevOps or Platform Engineer role might be the best way to maximise your income in the current job market, as these skills are in high demand and your wide range of experience would be an asset. The word “awesome” was not used – this is strictly reserved for the Grand Canyon. Less

Crossover for Work

CCAT online questions around Aptitude, figures & English. It is 15 mins test containing 50 questions. Don't know what is cut-off score & I didn't pass.

3 Answers

I attempted 32 questions & I think around 25 should be correct. So I believe they have around 60% pass criteria for this. Less

I have attempted 45 and I was expecting around 35 to be correct. so maybe 70% would be passing the criteria Less

Failed at 56%


IOT, Edge, Cloud, Azure, Auth Schemas, Failover, Microservices.

2 Answers

Dear Paulo, We are sorry that you left the process with Tridonic with this perception, it is our utmost objective to provide a positive experience to all candidates. Indeed, you were considered for 2 different roles: -> First for Senior SW Architect, where the skills of the candidate hired were far more consistent with the requirements of the position; -> You were informed of this fact, and invited to interview for a different role, for Senior Cloud Architect; -> For this new position, you demonstrated only a partial technical match; Within 30 days from the last interview you received a status update regarding your process, and 2 weeks later you received the final feedback. It took that long due to the Christmas Break under which Tridonic closed down. We are sorry you are disappointed with the process and thank you for your feedback which triggered us to review in detail our processes, even though having concluded no wrong-doing. If you have further feedback, It would be pleasure to talk directly with you and understand further your position, please feel free to contact me. Best regards , João Lopes Less

Dear Managing Director Tridonic I guess you are missing the point here... The goal is to describe the process, and not complain about the outcome. Fact!, No feedback whatsoever in the first application and your timings aren't exactly correct on the second one. And for the record; A binary yes or no answer at the end of the process that long, in my opinion, is not quality feedback about any candidate strengths or weakness . Note: Please do not use my personal data addressing me in public platforms. I Wish Tridonic all the best, Less

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Difference between let vs Var

2 Answers

Basically the same var is functional while let is blocked

The main difference is the scope var is scoped to the next function block and lets scoped to the next enclosing block Less


Codility test

2 Answers

I confirm what the previous guy was saying here. Additionally, in my case, after a week of waiting for my test's results, I still didn't receive those results. Also, from my understanding, they were ready to offer for this position no more than 38000 Euros yearly (in gross). Less

Yes that is what I have been offered, ridicolous amount of money for that type of role. Less


Describe the limited resources on a mobile device.

2 Answers

I listed as many of them as I could think of and forgot probably the most important one, which was the battery. Less

Memory (RAM), Battery, Storage, Bandwidth, & Screen Size (assuming it has one). One could argue CPU as well, but that is less so these days, although a designer of a mobile device needs to balance all of these resources against battery life. Less


How does a garbage collection system work? How will you prevent an object from being garbage collected? Write N-ary tree traversal code to search a node given a String key. How many JVM instances does a tomcat server have? How would it handle multiple applications with different versions of same api (for instance log4j)? Explain wait and notify. Explain Generics. What is the difference between a static class and a singleton class? Why do you want to work for Netflix?

2 Answers

Answer to static vs singleton class question: First of all static classes don't exist in Java, only NESTED classes can be static (see Basically when an element of a class is declared static in Java, it can be accessed without having to instantiate the class itself. So the key concept is that no instantiation is needed. In the singleton the class needs to be instantiated but the key here is that the class can be instantiated only ONCE. It means that if you instantiate A then the next time you need to instantiate A again, your class will basically return the A you created first instead of creating a new A object. You use the Singleton pattern basically to avoid having duplicate objects existing at the same time (hence the word SINGLE in singleton. see Less

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