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Senior Software Engineer In Test was asked...19 March 2023

They asked about annotations in test automation framework.


Do not remember specific but were mostly generic. Do not understand how can a recruiter check whether a person is fit for the role without talking technical.


Situational questions and a take-home assignment to automate tests based on requirements.

Pitang Agile IT

Perguntaram sobre as minhas experiências e sobre perspectivas futuras e oque me mantém motivada. Se eu gostava de estudar e me aprofundar em tecnologias, se sabia programar e conhecimento em metodologias ágeis.

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Minha curiosidade em aprender sempre e a busca pelo conhecimento é bem importante para profissionais da área de TI. Less


Cypress task with test app


While we were reviewing my technical assessment, they asked me if given the time, how would I have refactored the solution if needed.


Mostly related to my past experience and what interests me.


1st interview: why mathworks, what are you looking for, what are you passionate about, what's your experience? 2nd: this is what the mathworks culture is like (no real "questions") 3rd: a basic overview of the MATLAB test infrastructure, and then some simple questions on MATLAB syntax, error messages, and seeing how quickly I learn something new 4th: basic verbal questions on how I'd sort something, or how I'd search for something in a large data structure. some Simulink questions like how to make a differential equation (more to see how fast I learn, rather than actually already know how to use Simulink). 5) Then I also had open-ended questions on how I'd improve a product I use a lot, what kind of work would need to be done to support it, etc.

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1) MathWorks supports active learning and collaboration, so promote that attitude. Be passionate about your projects, and don't be afraid to share technical details. 2) N/A 3) just be sure to know basic MATLAB syntax, function calls, and how to format an error message. If you've used MATLAB before for anything, you'll do fine. 4) Your solution doesn't necessarily have to be right, just make some sense. Again, they're more testing how quick you learn and how you can express technical ideas rather than your knowledge pool. 5) think of something you use all the time (it could be anything, not necessary software or computer-related) and details on how to improve it. It could be your car, or exercise, or pets- anything. They want to see how you think and how well you communicate Less


Questions on my previous work experience, QA related questions. There was also a easy/medium coding question.


Test Strategy and system design

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