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Software development engineer Interview Questions


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Optimization / OOP / SQL

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Database Design

1. Graph Questions undirected. shortest path 2. Trees 3. Dynamic programming 4. Design questions

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Are you open for any opportunities under contract? I said yes, then they asked me to send all the required details to get my visa

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The coding test will be there where 3 coding needs to be solved within 2 hours. It is based upon java.

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If give you a chance, you can change one thing, what would you do?

Leet code coding question, scenario based design questions

1) Sort random array having 0,1 and 2 (gave him the working solution on IDE, he told me to give an optimized solution) Would like to advise the interviewer to first check google and see if the solution was optimized

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How do you find the lowest common ancestor in a Binary tree (not a BST)?

What are some of Microsoft products do you use and how do you think you can improve on them?

Basics on the technology worked, Best practices applied for development, what are the projects worked on and how to handel day to day development challenges

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