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Why do you want to join us?

9 Answers

I want to give my experience to the company

I have a good experience with the requirements and can be useful for the company

My experience can help the company

1. Given a 3 array like below NSArray *a = [1,3,4,5]; NSArray *b = [-1,3,0,9]; NSArray *c = [0,31,32,22,6]; Find the elements from the three array which existing in atleast 2 arrays. Eg: [3, 0] Because 3 is presented in array a, b and 0 is presented in array b, c respectively. -(NSArray)find2ElementsAtleastPresentIn2Arrays:(NSArray*)aList b::(NSArray*)bList c::(NSArray*)cList{ // -- your code here. }

7 Answers

Explain a few technical terms like markov chain, singleton, mvc, bloom filter, opportunistic lock, row-level locking

4 Answers

How to reverse a space-delimited-string word by word

5 Answers

Are you really able to reach the office early everyday?

3 Answers

How to swap two variables without a temp

3 Answers

1. delete one block from a single linked list(can only use one pointer) 2. give a number of x, check if there are two elements in an array whose sum is equal to x, and improve your code

3 Answers

Find if a word can be constructed from the dictionary

3 Answers

How to swap 2 variables without using a third variable. And the team leader asked to write a code snippet for assigning 5 colors to the countries on the world map so that no adjacent country has same color.

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How long did it take for them to give feedback?

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