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Software Development Engineer In Test/QA Engineer was asked...26 January 2012

1. Please write a method to normalize a string which represents a file path. For the purposes of this question, normalizing means: • all single dot components of the path must be removed. For example, "foo/./bar" should be normalized to "foo/bar". • all double dots components of the path must be removed, along with their parent directory. For example, "foo/bar/../baz" should be normalized to "foo/baz". That's it. Normally, a path normalization algorithm would do a lot of other stuff, but for this question, don't try any other kind of normalization or transformation of the path. As an example, "foo//bar" should be normalized to "foo//bar" (i.e. a no-op). Use any language you feel comfortable in, we prefer Java, but it’s not required. The method should take in a string (or whatever passes for a string in the language of your choice) and return a string representing the normalized path. Please write code that you feel proud of and would check in to source control in a professional environment. 2. Once you have completed the exercise, please create ten (or more!) test cases you would you use to test the method.

2 Answers

if(strPath.contains("..")){ strPath = strPath.replaceAll("/[A-Z0-9a-z]+/[.]{2}", ""); } if(strPath.contains(".")){ strPath = strPath.replaceAll("/[.]{1}", ""); } Less

String s="foo/./bar"; String temp=s; if(s.contains(".")){ String[] s2=s.split("\\/|\\./"); String f=s2[0]+"/"+s2[s2.length-1]; System.out.print(f); } else{ System.out.println(s); } Less


there were more question on the Performance side and scalability of application in the test which is not needed for a Manual testing profile.

2 Answers

Technical ..

is written test aptitude or technical?

Morgan Stanley

1.Java pgm on matrix 2.DB qns 3.Selenium qns on List,findElements 4.API releated qns

1 Answers



Difference between a SAN and NAS

1 Answers

SAN provides on location to manage data stores and network. NAS are individually attached storage devices, possibly on different network types with no central mgmt. Less


Describe a project that you led and the outcome.

1 Answers

Always be honest - even if the outcome was less than positive. There are a myriad of reasons why a project can go south and not all of them are within the capabilities of the project manager to correct. Less


While waiting for my telephone interview and sitting here for 23 minutes, I went on and researched the company. It turns out the company is notorious for being late on telephone interviews and I have read over some very bad experiences from other candidates.

1 Answers

First impressions are most important and since no one called me when they scheduled the phone interview just yesterday, I am not impressed with Living Social whatsoever. Moving on and giving everyone else fair warning that this appears to be a very unprofessional culture to work for. Reading up on other candidate reviews, the company is giving people the runaround. Not a good sign at all. I will pass thank you for wasting my morning. Less

Open Systems International

Most questions were related to previous experience,along with basic questions for the skills for which they are hiring,few puzzles and few onshore rounds from MD,VP ,HR VP and all

1 Answers

It was not that much difficult.Easy to answer if you have average knowledge in the skills for which you are being hired. Less


Why do you want to work at HCL ?

1 Answers

huh, I need a job ?


Smoke sanity

1 Answers

It's not that much of difficult ......

Monarch Healthcare

What would you know about Audits.

1 Answers

I had 5 years of experience of all the process to produce audit documents.

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