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Support engineers help customers with their tech support concerns and challenges. They often provide support for the products and services of technology companies. These professionals also create training manuals, guides and other support materials. You should expect a variety of technical questions and questions that test your ability to interact with customers.

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Top Support Engineer Interview Questions & How to Answer

Here are three top support engineer interview questions and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: Name some of the latest processors and other popular upgrades for computers.

How to answer: This question lets you showcase your knowledge about computer hardware. Talk about the latest computer processors, hard drives and graphics cards and which applications they are best for. Although a graphic designer may need a powerful processor, someone who spends most of their time typing can use an older PC with no problem.

Question No. 2: Talk about a time when you solved a problem with a difficult customer.

How to answer: People are often angry and frustrated when they speak to support engineers because of issues with their hardware or software. Use your answer to this question to show that you can stay calm and de-escalate situations with irate customers. Discuss a time when you were able to make someone satisfied, even though they were angry at first.

Question No. 3: What is overclocking?

How to answer: Overclocking is setting a computer's processor to run faster than recommended. Talk about how it can increase performance, especially for gamers, but also increases the risk of overheating. Overclocking often voids the manufacturer's warranty as well.

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Amazon Web Services
Technical Support Engineer was asked...16 August 2022

Q. Tell me about yourself Q. How do you handle stress Q. Tell me about a time when you had to work with a difficult customer

Sensei Project Solutions

music genre?

Cisco Systems

Technical Interview Be ready for tricky technical questions specifically mentioned in JD. Go through accordingly to prepare. Management Interview Be ready for past experience events. specially hard times.

Third Bridge

Q: Describe a time you went above and beyond for a client/customer


tell me about yourself? what do you know about Zoho? tell about your hobbies? explain your project?

1 Answers

I introduced myself, later they asked me stuffs which was there in my resume and I answered to it. then i told about my hobbies as painting. And then I explained my project which i was working on. Less

Cubic Telecom

What are Indexes used for? What are joins and explain each of them? What are the stored procedures used for? What is CRUD?

Jane Street

Hardware questions, Troubleshooting questions, Scenarios.


Why do you are the best candidate for this job?


Tell what do you know about the company


Tell about what is your weakness

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