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Tax Staff was asked...15 November 2012

The OCI was formal: Tell me about yourself? Why Tax? How do you handle pressure at work give me an example? How did you manage a situation where you did not agree with someone? The office interviews were an opportunity to discuss about what you want to know and what you're interested in.

1 Answers

Easier when you have a previous working experience. Otherwise you really have to think about it in advance. In any case try to follow the Problem/Solution/Result method in order to keep a structured speech with the right length! Less


How do you handle urgent tasks?

1 Answers

I see it as first priority, so it need immediately attention. All other tasks have to be put on hold until the urgent tasks is completed or under control. Less

DDK & Company

The interview consisted of technical tax questions. They wanted to assess my current level and determine which position I would best fit in.

1 Answers

Some of the answers were correct and some were incorrect or I didn't know at all. They were patient and told me it was okay not to know something and took the time to explain it to me. Less

Atchley & Associates
Tax Staff was asked...11 January 2022

What software are you familiar with?

1 Answers

Listed the software and explained how I used each program.

Moss Adams LLP
Tax Staff was asked...4 September 2015

What are you looking for in an employer? What do you know about tax?

1 Answers

I gave them a general overview of the qualities I felt were important such as good benefits, hours typically worked per week, whether there was room for growth etc Less

Bennett Thrasher
Tax Staff was asked...29 November 2013

None i can remember. I felt they were very down to earth in my interviews. They seemed more interested in my personality and making sure I would fit with the team.

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I asked them questions and they did most of the talking to describe the job and team, etc Less

Tax Staff was asked...17 September 2017

What was a difficult situation you have been presented with?

1 Answers

I described a situation that I had been experiencing at my college job.

Marcum LLP
Tax Staff was asked...23 November 2019

Tell me about yourself, how you like to spend free time, type of work environment you like.

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Why tax?

1 Answers

I like how preparing taxes is like putting together a complex jigsaw puzzle. It can get overwhelming at first, but very satisfying when you figure it out. Less

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