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Santa Rosa Junior College
MANAGER, CAMPUS DATA/TELECOMMUNICATIONS Information Technology was asked...24 May 2012

Describe your experience with Enterprise-level CISCO network systems.

1 Answers

The question is direct and straightforward. One either has the experience or they do not. Small office IT experience with servers, routers, switches, etc., regardless of CISCO textbook knowledge, is not what is expected in this position. Less

Booz Allen Hamilton

Mostly technical based on my technical background and as it pertains to their needs and projects. Interviewed by 5 people, one at a time in a conference room.

1 Answers

With flying colors

Hewlett Packard Enterprise | HPE

Detailed work experience

1 Answers

HR screening interview started down this path but quickly glossed over the details, did not want/allow fuller explanation Less

State Farm

If you are not picked for this position, would you ever apply again for another job with state farm?

1 Answers

Yes, for me at least since I heard great things about the owner of the state farm office in sunset valley Less

Pitney Bowes

Business information, opportunities, results with solutions that I had not worked yet

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eSquared Communication Consulting

What is your greatest strength?

1 Answers

I answered honestly. Provided a introspective look based on how I work.

US Navy

How will you use your qualifications/education in improving the Electronic Protection and Telecommunications mission?.

1 Answers

With my experience I will continue to move the migration for the new Alarm Monitoring, and Enterprise Land Mobile Radio launch completed, as well as complete the Automated interface with the installation Contractor. Less


None that I can remember

Chrome Solutions

Tell me about your previous experience?

County of Marin

What are your strenghts that you could apply to this role?

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