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Many questions that tested on definition: What is qualitative and quantitative research? What is personas? Give me the UX design process.

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When I explained that the UX design process as something depending on the scope and context of the projects and the problems we're solving. She was not satisfied. She said I should say Step 1 ____. Step 2 ____.

I recently got screened by the same HR and these were the exact questions she asked.

What kind of design trends have you observed in recent time?

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Describe your design process and what methods you follow.

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Describe your previous UX design experiences

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Describe a recent project you were particularly challenged by and how you approached the problem.

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What is your approach to making websites and platforms accessible to all user groups, including users with visual, hearing, and motor disabilities?

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Tell me about yourself

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Share your thought process on this assignment

What tools did you use for your ___ work?

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