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Valve Technician was asked...8 November 2014

What are your strong points and/or weak points.

1 Answers

Typical answer about how I had a strong point on something related to the position and a weak point that was unrelated. Less


What is your experience with hand tools?

1 Answers

I had done work as general handyman around my own home.


Di scribe the most stressful situation you have ever been in.

1 Answers

I did not answer this well coming up with a customer related experience that was not the most stressful situation, but then I attempted to turn the focus to dealing well with customers and solving problems. Less

Stream-Flo Industries

What was my Avalablity for hire

1 Answers

As soon as possible


Experience in Automation

1 Answers

Yes in the last 15 yeras at least


do you consider yourself a hard worker?

1 Answers

I consider my self a team player and I work hard to pull my weight as an individual. Less

Powell Industries

What steps do you take when you are told to perform a job where you have no experience in.

Edwards Lifesciences

Tell me what your did in your last interview.

Edwards Lifesciences

Tell me a time when you had a "hard time" with a co-worker? What did you do?

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