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Design a system with very high contention, where requests are to be processed in sequence of version for same context.

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If column a => 0, column b <0, sum (column C) or else “0”

I was asked if I had worked on state if the art technologies like in memory data grids and low latency systems? I was not asked too many details about when I replied in the affirmative.

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Tell me a time when you had to solve a complex problem and how did you go about solving the problem?

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Depending on the round of interview. Technical (sometimes very), case studies, motivational questions, progression plans. Pretty standard.

mostly job related questions i.e. stakeholder mgmt., crisis situtions handling, prioritizing issues, problem solving techniques, conflict mgmt. between different type of stakeholders, etc.

Nothing difficult if you are a technical person

where do you see the industry in few years from now

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