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Junior Web Developer was asked...9 June 2023

Here are some questions I remember: HR Questions: 1. How did you hear about us? 2. What do you know about Scandiweb? 3. Tell me about yourself. 4. What are your goals? 5. What is your salary expectation? 6. When do you want to start working? 7. Part-time or full-time? 8. Do you have any questions? Technical Questions: 1. Briefly tell me about your programming experience. How many full-stack projects have you done? Some questions about the task you've submitted, like: 2. How and where would you add property if you have parent class and child classes? From PHP: 3. What are the types of arrays? 4. How do you count the length of an array? From PHP OOP: 5. What is OOP? 6. What is polymorphism? 7. What are the access modifiers? 8. What is the difference between the abstract class and interface? From MySQL: 9. I want two columns, countries and the number of countries, from the table, ordered by country name. What will be the SQL statement? 10. What are joins? 11. What are a primary key and a foreign key? 12. What is an index? (This was the question I couldn't answer) Others: 13. What is Git, and what Git commands have you used? 14. What is an API? What is a REST API? The Live coding task: Create an abstract class called Animal that has the following properties and methods: Properties: $name (string) - the name of the animal $color (string) - the color of the animal $age (int) - the age of the animal Methods: constructor - method that takes in the animal's name, color, and age as parameters and sets the corresponding properties. getName - a method that returns the animal's name. getColor - a method that returns the animal's color. getAge - a method that returns the animal's age. speak - an abstract method that each subclass must implement. Create an interface called Pet that has the following method: play - a method that takes no parameters and returns a string indicating that the animal is playing. Create a class called Dog that extends the Animal class and implements the Pet interface. The Dog class should have the following additional properties and methods: Properties: $breed (string) - the breed of the dog Methods: constructor - method that takes in the dog's name, color, age, and breed as parameters and sets the corresponding properties. getBreed - method that returns the dog's breed. speak - method that returns the string "Dog barks!". play - a method that returns the string "The dog is playing!".

Inara Consultancy Services

Basics should be clear for related technologies.

Little Dot Studios

Why would you like to join this company ?

Sureway Construction Management

1. Do you know about views in SQL?

Johns Hopkins Medicine

Please describe a time when you had to work on a problem that you did not know how to solve. How did you overcome this challenge?

Snipe Tech Pvt Ltd.



Un poco sobre mí y luego una dinámica de grupo


¿Cuál es la diferencia entre una clase abstracta y una interfaz en Java? ¿Cómo se manejan las excepciones en Java? ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre las excepciones verificadas y no verificadas? ¿Qué es la inyección de dependencias y cómo se implementa en Angular? ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre un componente y un servicio en Angular? ¿Cómo manejarías la optimización de rendimiento en una aplicación web desarrollada con Angular?

JPMorgan Chase & Co

Why would you choose this company?


Les règles solid en java

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