Chiropractor Job Description

What is a Chiropractor?

Chiropractors are healthcare professionals who use techniques to alleviate problems in their patients' neuromusculoskeletal systems. They perform spinal adjustments, use massage therapy, and even techniques such as ultrasound to reduce the pain or tension that their patients experience. Many chiropractors work in private chiropractic practices but some specialize in particular areas, sports, for instance, which requires them to work as part of a larger team of medical and healthcare professionals for a particular team or company.

Chiropractors must completed a Doctorate of Chiropractic degree, which is typically a 4-year post-graduate program. They must also obtain a license to practice in their state. Because they work with patients, chiropractors should have good communication skills and interpersonal skills. They need to help their patients feel at ease, even when they are in pain or discomfort and undergoing unfamiliar procedures. Chiropractors should also have excellent time management skills in order to ensure they can provide adequate treatment to each patient while respecting appointment times.

Chiropractor Job Description Template

Job Overview

Here at XYZ Inc., we are the leading company in our industry in the Capital City area. We're pleased to have a 3.8 Glassdoor rating from our employees. We are hiring an experienced Chiropractor to help us keep growing. If you're dedicated and ambitious, XYZ Inc. is an excellent place to grow your career. Don't hesitate to apply.

Responsibilities for Chiropractor

  • Perform intake assessments by listening to patients' concerns and reviewing medical records
  • Physically examine patients by testing their reflexes and posture
  • Record patient data and keep detailed records of every treatment session
  • Use chiropractic techniques to diagnose neuromusculoskeletal conditions
  • Perform skeletal adjustments to relieve pain within a patient's body
  • Use massage therapy techniques to reduce tension within a patient's muscles and help restore mobility
  • Consult with patients and offer techniques and ideas for them to improve their physical health and comfort
  • Refer patients to see other types of specialists when necessary

Qualifications for Chiropractor

  • Our ideal candidate possesses 3+ years of experience
  • Prior experience working in a private practice setting is preferred
  • Excellent interpersonal skills are essential in order to build relationships with patients
  • Superior time management skills and the ability to juggle a large patient load
  • Ability to empathize with patients who are in chronic pain and a strong desire to help improve their quality of life
  • Must be able to think critically and make judgements about how best to help patients
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to work as part of a close-knit team
  • Up to date on the latest chiropractic practices and a desire to provide cutting-age care
  • Must be in good physical condition and have the dexterity and strength to perform adjustments and manipulations on patients

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