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  • Gray Bouchard found his way to a role as Brafton’s Associate Director of Project Management by never losing touch with writing, and never losing sight of what content is or why it matters. More about Gray and his time at Brafton below.

    Finding Inspiration in Management and Music with Gray Bouchard | Brafton

    Sometimes, the road to becoming a content marketing leader is a long and winding one. That was the case with Gray Bouchard, who found his way to a role as Brafton's Associate Director of Project Management by never losing touch with writing, and never losing sight of what content is or why it matters.

  • Samantha is one of our top Social Media & Promotions Strategists. What advice can Samantha pass along to others considering a career in marketing and social media? “Get as much hands-on experience as you can.”

  • “It’s a nice feeling seeing these huge projects evolve from start to finish,” our Project Manager, Carly, notes. “And when you can carry something through and really hit the nail on the head for a client, that’s amazing.”

    Carly Gillum: A tough act to follow | Brafton

    Life's funny, and so is Brafton Project Manager Carly Gillum. That would be more than enough for one person to handle, but on top of everything else, Carly runs triathlons and is currently training for her next competition. Who could handle all of that, while still devoting time to the daily demands of content marketing?

  • “My coworkers are intrinsically motivated and push themselves, and me, to be constantly learning, growing and improving,” says Graphic Designer, Alissa Herman. “If I have an assignment and need to think up the best approach, I might look up what coworkers have done for similar clients or projects and try to emulate what was successful about what they did. If I need help, they’re always there.”

    Alissa Herman: Star illustrator, seamstress and library evangelist | Brafton

    The story of Brafton and Alissa Herman almost never was. But thanks to a couple fortuitous turns of fate and one browser tab that refused to close, the two were paired up - and truthfully, Brafton is infinitely better off thanks to it. OK, let's actually back it up a few ticks.

  • "I came to Brafton with an interest to exercise my project management skills in a creative environment." Read more about our Project Manager, Kailey, her background in non-profit and her crafty calligraphy skills below.

    Content, calligraphy and collaboration with Kailey Gingras | Brafton

    Kailey Gingras pictured herself as a famous actress from a young age, but she's taking center stage elsewhere as one of the shining stars at Brafton as a part of the Project Management team. Her career path didn't always involve content marketing, but she's one of the most valuable team members here.

  • Social media is a constantly evolving channel, bringing new opportunities and insights to marketers every day. It’s exactly that exciting pace of change that motivates Ryan to keep learning and experimenting.

    Get social with big shot strategist Ryan Pecinka | Brafton

    When he's not belting out Billy Joel songs at karaoke, Senior Social & Promotions Strategist Ryan Pecinka can be found managing ad campaigns for some of Brafton's biggest clients. Social media planning, visual content creation, ad bidding - you name it, and there's a good chance Ryan has mastered it.

  • “One of the reasons I’ve been at Brafton so long is that I trust in management and in the product, and I really believe in the vision of the company.”

    Ryan Collier: A mythic Brafton figure reflects on XI years of change | Brafton

    The year was 2008. Ryan Collier, a New England boy through and through, found himself in a small Boston office in the middle of July with a simple mission: wrangle new clients for a young service then known as "article marketing." The conveyor of said service?

  • Explore the limitless possibilities of content with Senior Writer Liam Green | Brafton

    Liam Green always knew he wanted to make his living as a writer, but as a writing, literature and publishing student at Emerson College, he didn't expect to land in the world of marketing. When he saw a job listing for a content writer at Brafton in 2011, he made a choice that shaped his career.

  • Why we love Brafton | Brafton

    It's Valentine's Day! A holiday filled with chocolate, flowers, big gestures and unnecessary pressure perpetuated by Hallmark and the makers of Lindt truffles. If you're not one for romance, we hear you. Happily, V-day can be shared with more than just a significant other.

  • About Brafton's "Festacle"

    So what is Festacle? First and foremost, it's a celebration of all the creative work we do, from Social, Video, Editorial, to Project Management, Consulting, and Content Marketing Strategy. But it's also so much more than that. Interested in staying updated with the latest content marketing news? Subscribe to our blog!

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