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  • We’ve been on an incredible journey over the past ten years and now’s the perfect time to come join us. We’re delighted to announce $484 million in Series E funding. Read more here about the new unicorn on the block ��

  • Whether it's your goal to be a Principal Engineer or a Director of Engineering, we offer a clear path for taking it to the next level.

    Learn more about our career growth plan for engineers here:

    Our career path for Engineers - Inside GetYourGuide

    Fostering career development isn't just something we aspire towards at GetYourGuide, but something we guarantee and outline for all of our employees. Within our Engineering Department, we've created a career path matrix for how an Engineer can expect to grow. Here, the term "Engineer" refers to all members of our Engineering teams including Data Analysts and Data Scientists.

  • We’re very excited to take part in HackandLead 2019 by womenplusplus in Zurich, Switzerland’s first women-friendly hackathon.

    Tobias Rein, Co-Founder and Principal Engineer, will mentor fellow hackers and present a talk about what it takes to become a tech unicorn on Sunday, November 3rd.
    Be sure to also connect with Marco Mahrer, Senior Tech Recruiter, on both days to learn about how we develop developers.

    Learn more here:

  • Work-life balance is an important part of our culture. Check out Betty's story about becoming a Team Lead and a mother in the same year:

    A localization lead answers the age-old question, "Career or baby first?" - Inside GetYourGuide

    In this post, Betty Lapeyre, Localization Lead for Freelance Operations, shares her incredible journey from project management to leadership and pregnancy. The Localization team does more than just translations, we make GetYourGuide feel like it's written in your neighborhood. Our mission is to enable travelers to explore, book, and feel our products in their own language.

  • Our leadership program combines elements of behavioral science and mentorship in order to develop more empathetic and self-aware managers. Learn more about the program here:

    The Art of Leading Teams program: developing our leaders - Inside GetYourGuide

    Learn more about our leadership training program, "The Art of Leading Teams, in this interview with its creator, Kevin Groen. Every leader at GetYourGuide completes this leadership training program, focusing on behavioral change such as increased empathy, setting clear boundaries, and inviting

  • If you're prepping for a Data Science interview, be sure to read these tips to stand out from the crowd:

    Prepping for a Data Science interview? Ask yourself these questions to stand out!

    In today's post, we hear from Alex Weiss, Engineering Manager - Machine Learning, on how to prepare for a data science interview. It seems everyone and their grandmother wants to work in data science these days, and there are plenty of good reasons why that's the case.

  • How did one of our Supply Excellence Specialists turn her coding dreams into a reality? Check out Laura's journey to becoming a Junior Frontend Engineer on our blog.

    Owning your development: Supply Excellence Specialist to Frontend Engineer

    Today we sit down with Laura Puyol Rigol, Supply Excellence Specialist turned Junior Frontend Engineer, on how she turned her coding dreams into reality. When I joined GetYourGuide in January 2016, I wanted it to be my second university, a place where I could put my knowledge to the test and continue learning new information and skills.

  • Interested in building your soft skills? Read all about it on our blog, Inside GetYourGuide:

    Recruiting 101: Soft Skills.

    Today, we are tackling soft skills; what they are, why they're important, and how you can build on yours! What exactly are "soft skills" and are some more important than others? Soft skills refer to a cluster of personal and social abilities which define how people behave in different contexts and groups.

  • We strive for clarity in everything we do. Check out the principles that guide our engineering decisions in our blog, InsideGetYourGuide:

    Our engineering principles

    Build systems that adapt to change and continue working when unknown challenges occur. Small services have clear ownership, are easier to maintain, replace, and handover. The inside of our components are flexible and the interfaces we expose are uncomplicated. Invest time in getting them right - it pays off.

  • Career development is a core element of our culture. Read one of our success stories in our blog, Inside GetYourGuide:

    Owning your development: Customer Service Representative turned Team Lead

    I never thought I would have a career in Customer Service, but once I realized how much I enjoyed it and had been working in the role for a while, I started thinking of ways I could make things better for the team and our customers.

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