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An ecommerce manager handles a company's online retail presence. At an interview for this job, expect situational and technical questions. Prepare to show your skills in ecommerce, business management, leadership and internet marketing.

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Top Ecommerce Manager Interview Questions & How To Answer

Here are three top ecommerce manager interview questions and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: We want to increase our website sales. Recommend a strategy to achieve this.

How to answer: The hiring manager is assessing whether you have the necessary ecommerce, business management and internet marketing skills with this situational question. Prove that you do with a strategy geared to increase website sales. Tactics can include researching the firm's customer segments and finding new insights. Also, talk about developing and deploying an internet marketing campaign via several channels to generate leads and build loyalty, assessing campaign metrics and making any necessary improvements.

Question No. 2: Tell me about your computer and internet skills.

How to answer: The hiring manager is evaluating your ability to use computing technologies that suit the job requirements. List job-specific skills in computer software and internet marketing technologies, such as MS Office 365; analytics software, such as Google Analytics; SEO; ecommerce software; and digital advertising tools, such as Facebook Ads.

Question No. 3: Describe your work experience.

How to answer: The hiring manager is assessing your on-the-job training. Provide expertise examples that suit job requirements. Talk about supervising copywriters, developers and graphic designers and improving an online store's relevance to the target market. Reviewing the security of payment pages and reporting on the effectiveness of internet marketing strategies can also be included.

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ECommerce Manager was asked...13 December 2015

Why are you a good candidate?

3 Answers

Depends on your experience.


I enjoy talking to people and being if help to them.

Tommy Bahama

Tell me how much you know about ecommerce.

1 Answers

very vague question, not sure what they were getting at.


What upsets you?

2 Answers

At the age of 25 I completed a 2 year diploma in VFX but still I didn't got any job comfortable with Less

Age is not the issue but what is the ability that a company needs from a employee or how can I got a VFX compositor I know software's like PS,AI,Pr,Ae,Maya,nuke,mocha,match mover and silhouete but didn't got job fresher's are rejected but how can I be a experienced employee if I still not got any job}? Less

PPHE Hotel Group

Prior experience.

2 Answers

8 years in the industry


IES Custom Staffing

Do you have a stable form of transportation? Do you realize that you are able to stop working if you detect a threat to your personal safety?

1 Answers

Yes, I have a stable form of transportation Yes, I understand the safety codes and will work with the safety of myself and my co-workers in the highest priority. Less

Budli Internet

The first round was with the founder and senior manager. They asked me general questions about my current role, why do I want to join their startup, what is my salary expectation, etc.

1 Answers

I answered the simple and straight forward way... After some 40mins of discussion they said they are still interviewing some other candidates this week and will get back to me by next week. I did not get any email/call from them so sent them emails to follow up or get a feedback at least but did not hear back anything. This is really bad when you are rejecting a candidate, you should at least provide feedback but these people don't provide any feedback even if you ask. They just ignore it. Less


Tell us about a professional obstacle you had. How did you overcome it?

1 Answers

How did you answer this question? (Optional)


Do you think cannabis should be legalised? (no joke, this was the first question).

1 Answers

Yes. (the CEO seems a bit like a hippy).


Do you own your own home? What is your mortgage? This is to work out the minimum they can get away with paying you.

1 Answers

With laughter. The whole process lasted about 3 hours, taken to the pub, asked to come in for a trial basis, unpaid for 3 days. Probing about my family history, appearance, relationship status, filling me in on my predecessor (who was still employed and knew nothing of my offer for her job) in an unflattering light - incidentally she was amazing, and they were lucky to have her. Less

Qatar Airways

What would you do to increase the company website sales?

2 Answers

Analyze. among super loyal customers. Define a portrait of the target audience. Our Strengths. And the weak. Analysis of 3p + 3c / Brain curtains. Formulation of hypotheses and their use of resources. Finding the most Highly impactful hypothesis and the fastest. Budgeting for each hypothesis model Less

hi mate, during the interview with the HR or contracting manager, did they mention of the offer range? Any other questions of hints? the job is still on their career page. Less

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