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CA Technologies
Senior Voice Engineer was asked...13 October 2018

What is the difference between H323 and SIP

1 Answers

Both H.323 and SIP are multimedia conferencing protocols, which include features for voice, video, and data conferencing, for use over packet-switched networks. However, H.323 is not just an individual protocol. It is a complete implementation of a suite of protocols, which define every component of a conferencing network. The elements of H.323 include Terminals, MCUs (multipoint control units), Gateways, Gatekeepers, and other feature servers. H.323 defines a framework of how these various elements of a conferencing network function together. H.323 specifies everything including all its media codecs and how they are carried as packets in RTP or RTCP. H.323 specifies the use of Q.931 for call setup, H.225 for call signaling, and H.245 for exchanging terminal capabilities and the creation of media channels Less

Citadel Securities

What does SIP stand for ?

1 Answers

Session Initiation Protocol

Expedia Group

They would ask a techinal question that I am not familar with.

1 Answers

If they ask me a question that I did not know, then they would overlook it.


If the customers phone services were down and you did not have access to the customer onsite router, what can you do to verify it was down and how can you bring them back up?

1 Answers

Login to the switch and verify switch port status, VLAN configurations, or open up a ticket with the customer Carrier. Less


Technical Questions on SIP, Voice Gateway, PRI, jabber, CSS etc.

1 Answers

I am already working on the CUCM so was not hard.


question asked for network data, and i am network voice engineer, so difficult to answer out of scope question.

1 Answers

tried to answer what i know about data,remaining part I answered straight forward Less


salary expectation

1 Answers

Salary Expectation

Union Pacific

What separates you from the other applicants?

1 Answers

I seriously should have thought about this more, I came out with a pretty risky answer. "I don't know if the other applicants can do this job, but I know that I can." Two interviewers chuckled about it and I still got hired on. Would recommend finding a better answer, haha. Less

Bristol Myers Squibb

How do yo manage a system around the globe of the organization and how you mange the work around it?

1 Answers

Managing a core system is based on locations and the design of each region, organizing a dial plan for each region and separate activity per location will help maintain a healthy environment. also mage the work around the platform is by prioritizing any incident or major changes and have a a follow-up plan in place incase of a roll back. Less

PBM IT Solutions

What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?

1 Answers

Be more experienced in the field.

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