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Manipal Hospitals
Anesthesia Technician was asked...23 September 2021

why did you leave your previous job

7 Answers

Due to pandemic

Family Problem

I had some health issues

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Which drugs use in induction?

1 Answers

Inj propofol Inj Etomidate Inj thiopentone sodium Inj ketamine

Mississippi Baptist Health Systems

Where I had worked previously.

1 Answers

I listed my relevant experience/background.

Northwestern Medicine

Why are you here? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What are your career goals? What are your education goals? Whats your background?

1 Answers

To be an anesthesia tech? Manager laughed and asked what my aspirations were.

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

How do you achieve patient safety?

1 Answers

Patient safety starts with employee safety. When you wanna be in a safe environment, you practice and apply to yourself all the safety precautions and protocols of the hospital. And that being said, You know how you would take care of the patient. Treat everybody as your family member. Give them the best care that you can and the best quality service that they deserve. And most importantly, be committed and love your job. Less

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

What do you have to offer?

1 Answers

Clinical skills , compassion, energy, commitment

North Suburban Medical Center

If I had any experience in the department

1 Answers

I told them I have been working in this department for 2 years.

University of Wisconsin Hospital And Clinics

How do you respond to authority?

1 Answers

I am open to constructive feedback and I am a good listening as long as the person in authority is respectful. Less

Rush University Medical Center

What kind of experience do you have in the OR and clinical setting?

1 Answers

Described my role and experience in the operating room.

Anesthesia Services

What is the role of anesthesia technician?

1 Answers

Prepare patients and assisting for surgery and anesthesia procedures Checking anesthesia machine and equipments Less

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