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Associate Account Manager (Field Sales) was asked...5 October 2016

Tell me about your sales experience.

3 Answers

It was quite exciting. Because different types of customers comes to me and everybody have their own need. So i always try to fulfill their needs,so that they can come to us again. Less

It’s good experience to me because i can interact with different customers that make me more knowledge and good contacts with them and also according to that i can understand there needs so we can full filling their needs. Less

It's good and want to be speak polite to the customers and want to interact with them that he wants to like come back to the shop again Less


How will you increase the sales?

1 Answers

Its not how you answer the question its about the confidence.

Free People

Name a situation when you had to deal with an annoyed customer

1 Answers

I answered honestly every time but always wondered "damn, how often does your company annoy the customers for it to be a staple question in how to deal with them during every interview?! Less

Lane Bryant

What would make you a good candidate?

1 Answers

My love for fashion and helping others.


if you find any false report / false expense bill attached with your most eligible & efficient team mate...what would be your decision because gsk don't allow this , as a company they recommend immediate strict action.

1 Answers

will try to understand the grimness of the situation , if it was not intentionally done then will warn for further care & rectification with word of warning . If found guilty with certain intention , will recomned for strict action . Less


What made you inclined towards a taxi aggregator service?

1 Answers

I have been previously associated with Trip advisor so was having bit of a knowledge about customer services aggregator and also it is an area where application of CRM is involved and used profusely. So being a marketing guy and having an experience in aggregator service I believe I'll be able to apply My strategies properly in order to increase the customer count. Less

The Children's Place

There wasn't a difficult one. Straight to the point.

1 Answers

all questions are pretty straight foward

Hudson's Furniture

"What are your weaknesses?"

1 Answers

Like an idiot, I was honest and said "I guess I'm not aggressive, if that's a weakness." I guess I should have said I am willing to do whatever it takes to make a sale. Or perhaps I don't care about anything but money. Less


What are your achievements?

1 Answers

I enumerated all my achievements over the last few years

Champs Sports

what are my weakness? what are my strengths? try to sell me this product.

1 Answers

attend with formal professional attire, for girls no heels.

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