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Writing a sample program based on some instructions provided by them. The approach to solving it is completely free, as long as you explain the motivation behind your choices.

2 Answers

This question is the question for Market Risk IT for many years. I had the same experience last year, after submitting the fully working code just got mail informing that it is rejected. I tried the same contacting the interviewer and no response. I think there are some really stupid people playing all these games unnecessarily wasting other people’s time. I don’t think someone even evaluate the answers. Future candidates going to get the same question, try your luck 😄

I had the same task given in 2018. Mine was accepted. However on the following level they asked stupid questions as if they didn't open my code or didn't run it.

General questions about myself and what are my plans for summer

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Tell us about your project

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search and replace words in a sentence

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How do you deal with difficult task with coworker?

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What library for Javascript have you been working with?

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Basic Algorithm questions ( 4 questions 180 mins to complete).

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Describe each step of the process when user submit a web address on browser to the end.

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Coding: Array, Hashing, Loop

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Write a method that returns 0 on 1, 1 on 0.

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