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Susquehanna International Group (SIG)
Operations Analyst Intern was asked...8 November 2020

"Tell me about yourself" "Why should we hire you" "Are there any other companies interested in you" I had the one line or multiple lines is more efficient for my problem

1 Answers

Line problem: They said both answers are correct if you explain it correctly

State Street

What are your weaknesses?

1 Answers

They let me skip this question because I couldnt answer it and they had already asked 40 questions. Less

J.P. Morgan

I expected these questions because I did the research, but one question was 1. "What if you were presenting in front of a board and realized ten minutes ahead of time that there was a typo in your presentation. What do you do?" Another question was 2. "Your boss has assigned you a project for the whole length of the summer; however, he leaves for two weeks just as you are getting started on it and find that you are stuck. What do you do?" The last question I would be sure to know is 3. "What can you tell me about yourself that isn't on your resume?"

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1. I said there are two options: go in, admit there is a typo, and move on from it as quickly as possible. Mistakes happen! Or, contact your boss and tell him to see if he can fix it in the time limit that you have. 2. Make sure you have all the contact information for your boss when he is out of town. But, if you really can't reach him, reach out to people that are under your boss and ask for their input, otherwise, use all resources available such as the internet or academic/news literature. 3. At one point, I was working three jobs to put myself through school. I think this really developed my time management skills as well as enhancing my ability to multi-task. Time management skills are very important in college so the employer probably wants to hear that you have developed them. I also transferred this into that I am very hard working. Less

Juniper Networks

No unexpected questions were asked.

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Spoke on my projects and resume.

Goldman Sachs

They asked me about my projects, generic questions related to modern day trends

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I answered accordingly and it was a smooth interview.


The questions were all straightforward and nothing unexpected.


Describe a time you had to employ conflict management skills in a situation? What was the situation, what did you do, and how did it go?


How many small cubes does a 6x6 rubik cube have?

VOI Technology

- Tell me about yourself - Why Voi - Speak about a project you proud of - what problems did you face thought the project - KPIs - Micro mobility


The Excel test had errors which were confirmed when I sent a screen capture to the manager. SQL and Python test only had a textbox to respond to some data and a question. No feature of testing code or seeing an output. Felt very lazy. I withdrew my application due to the quality of the tests. There isn't really an excuse for such a large company to have such low-quality tests. Maybe they should just outsource the testing to companies that have the capabilities to test technically.

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