Process integration engineer Interview Questions |

Process integration engineer Interview Questions


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Questions asked: 1. Why will you choose Micron? 2. What do you know about Micron? 3. Describe a scenario where you faced challenges. 4. Rank the importance of your values in the company. 5. Describe 3 words of yourself. 6. Tell me the general process of Micron.

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May I know how you wait for your offer letter

Hi, I have waited around one week for the offer letter

Thanks, good to know!Are you singaporean?

Technical problem solving skills

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Do you know other semiconductor companies? If they also give you the offer, which one will you choose?

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What is 3D NAND and what is the difference between NAND and NOR flash memory

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For Engineering Level especially process integration; they Asked wide range of technical questions

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Why should we hire you?

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Technical questions about PN junction and Semiconductors

some IQ problems, device logic gates and c programming

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