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Rocksauce Studios
Quality Assurance & Release Manager was asked...5 February 2017

At what point in the origination of a new project is it important to include Quality Assurance?

2 Answers

At the first meeting with stakeholders because QA engineers work on the project together with other team members (product owner, project manager, business analyst, and dev lead) throughout the software development cycle. QA will need to be aware of the requirements so that they accurately plan their tests. Less

At the first technical meeting. As a member of the process, QA help prevents serious issues during the project. Less

Health Integrated

What makes you the best candidate for this position?

1 Answers

I performed the role of Release Manager while I was employed with a large telecommunications company in Tampa. As a Release Manager I was responsible for creating Annual Release Calendars that included both major and minor releases with overlapping build periods. In addition, I was responsible for creating detailed release delivery plans that included all phases of the software development life cycle. I facilitated regular release stakeholder meetings in which we reviewed the progress of the delivery and discussed any barriers identified. I facilitated meetings to address issues identified and bring them to resolution. I was responsible for preparing weekly release status updates for executive management. Less

Was asked about work history from Linked In profile - this was unexpected

1 Answers

Answered accurately and honestly


Background information/ situations

1 Answers

Honest answers.


SWOT analysis

1 Answers

SWOT analysis is kind of analysis for particular industry or domain. Before starting any organization this analysis is so important to evaluate the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. So mainly SWOT analysis actually shows the positive and negative points of the particular industry or department. Less


None really, but be prepared to answer the following: 1. Why do you want to work for F5? **This question WILL be asked** 2. What are your strengths/weaknesses? 3. Give me an overview of your last job. 4. Answer questions specific to your resume 5. Scale of 1-10, how familiar are you with system tools - Microsoft office, Agile or SQL? 6. Why did you leave the last company? 7. Explain any time gaps in resume 8. What are some of your leadership experiences? 9. Describe an accomplishment you are most proud of. 10. Do you have any questions - AND OF COURSE YOU DO. ;)

1 Answers

Answer genuinely! Know the companies products and their successes. F5 has been all kinds of awards for Best Place to Work at and Executives of the Year. Commit to memory some of these accomplishments. ALSO, know F5's values (Commitment. Customer loyalty. Excellence. Global mindset. Innovation. Integrity. Teamwork) and demonstrate how you've applied them in your previous job roles. Less

Black Box

What did I feel was the most important project manager skill?

1 Answers

I feel communication is the most important skill by far. This includes communication via: phone, email, instant message / Teams applications. With most communication not happening face to face, this skill has only increased in importance. Less

Square Yards

About my sales experience

1 Answers

Gave a brief history of my work


How do you deal with competing stakeholders' # 1 priorities.

1 Answers

Negotiate with them with the aim of having them reach the conclusion that project that adds most value to the company gets the nod. The second place winners project can be baked into to either a subsequent release or considered should another project get dropped. Less

ACL Digital

they asked about the Release process

1 Answers

I explained how do you move components to production through the release process. Less

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