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Panasonic Avionics Corporation
Information Security Engineer, Senior was asked...17 October 2018

After the telephonic round, in onsite interview. I was asked questions on technologies I have not worked on and are not even mentioned on my resume.

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Anyway I was asked to go to Lake Forest, California for a face to face interview and was told all the expenses are covered and will be reimbursed. Flight tickets were booked by them and also the the hotel was booked by them. The interview was next day and the flight back from LA. I beard a total of $230 that included lunch, dinner and Uber travels but was never reimbursed despite being told that everything is covered. Upon returning I provided them the receipts and requested for the reimbursement on Aug 20th, 2018 (Interview was on 17th Aug). I was told that they are processing the request and I will soon receive the check in mail. Fast forward a month and after a million of emails exchange they still had the audacity to lie that my check was still under process. Eventually, I was contacted by one of the person from Accounts department asking for more information and told me that it usually takes 1-2 weeks after he approves but didn’t receive anything till date. Today marks the 2 month anniversary when I was interviewed at the cost of my own hard earned money and still no check. I have learnt a lesson that I should not just believe if it is a renowned company, the work culture will be good as well. I should have researched more and should have made an educated decision of whether or not I should work for such people. I believe it is a blessing in disguise that I was not offered the job. I guess if I have to struggle so much to get reimbursed for such a small amount ($230), how could I even imagine of getting paid. This process made my soured my interview experience and I would not recommend this company to anyone personally. If anyone still wants to go please be ready to shell out money from your own pocket as there is no guarantee you will get it back. Less


Round 1 - Write a program to get a list of running processes

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* Read /proc directory in Linux * Run OS command "ps" * Use some open source or inbuilt library * Learn how "ps" command works and do the same in the programming language Less


About the technical part and the previous work experience

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Explained on worked areas


I was asked a variety of scenario based questions that I believe were aimed at getting some insight into my thought process. There were several components to the interview questions including technical, management, and leadership style questions.

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I answered the questions based on how my experience applied to the situation and what I thought the best course of action was. Less


What is your salary expectation for this position based on your experience?

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I didn't provide a hard number, because I don't have all the information available to accurately assess the value of a compensation package. Less

Rally Health

Tell us about your experience working under pressure in your previous organization.

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Told them


Round 1 - Design a SIEM system

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Discussed the following * Using an RDBMS or NoSQL data store * Agent based log collection design * Filtering on agent side to prevent spamming by setting thresholds like data per sec sent out * Filtering for analysis on user end * Building an analytics dashboard * Storage for archival * Backups * Rules for monitoring and alerting * Deploying DLP Less

COMPASS Cyber Security

Typical tech questions, but there was a focus more on my background, my community involvement; essentially who I was and how I could fit within COMPASS.


Describe a time where you had to lead a project, the project fail, and how did you overcome?

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