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Design Researcher was asked...22 June 2017

Tell us about the research and innovation process you go through?

1 Answers

I talked about my own process, but anything as long as you draw inspiration from the double diamond approach and mention the 10 types of innovation. Less


What do you need to keep in mind when working with a team?

1 Answers

I answered things such as working styles, trust, and open communication. I also mentioned some reflective exercises I do with my current team. Less


did you know our institute? did you know that project?

1 Answers

depends on you


Do you prefer working individually or in a team?

1 Answers

I guess the answer depends on each individual's way of working and the role itself. But for me it was both and because I enjoy the dynamics a team can bring in while leading individual projects. Less

Wolters Kluwer

Heel verschillende vragen. Mij werd bijvoorbeeld een probleemstelling voorgesteld, waar ik moest zeggen, hoe ik daarmee om zou gaan

1 Answers

Vanuit mijn kennis en expertise.

American Marketing Association

A lot of behavior questions: "Tell me a time when ____"

1 Answers

Try to think of different experiences for each question to show the breadth of your knowledge and expertise Less


Started with a team work which was the same as the other reviews (building a marshmallow tower). Then there was a technical interview: How a 4 stroke engine works and they gave me an actual connection rod and asked me to explain how it is made, material and manufacturing process and why. My background is in fluid dynamics and CFD, but they didn't asked any questions relating to my expertise and CV. Even though the department was fluid simulation, just a unique questions for all the roles!!. It ended with a presentation based on a project you have been involved. Got the results a month after the assessment day, without any feedback.

1 Answers

They do not care about your background or what you might bring to the department. Just read about engine and solid mechanics and manufacturing process. Less


Usual competency and experience questions.

1 Answers

Use STAR method


What was your perception of doing research in a tech company or tech products?

1 Answers

That research is used to add new features to existing products only, instead of looking for new opportunities and gaps that the company can fill in. Less


Example of a dream project you want to work on at IDEO.

1 Answers

Just show your passion about topics you would love to work on

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