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What will you do if you are doing repetitive works all the day?

4 Answers

Try to be positive.

First, i will thank God for giving me another day to do my work. Second, I will do my work with a twist so even if it is repetitive i still enjoy doing it day by day.

Repititve works doesn't mean you will continue doing the same thing everyday. Everyday you will learn something new and different thru your repetitive works. Thus, just keep on doing the repetitive work and learn something new everyday. You might get perfect thru repitition.

Tell me about yourself

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Both Technical and management system questions

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What makes you think you capable of taking this job which requires you to work extremely long hours.

1 Answer

why do you want to joint our company ?

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Technical questions

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Are you single? Because married people have too many commitments. We need firefighters that can be on 24/7

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SQL statements All on joints due to every table not linked with foreign keys or candidate keys

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Intro urself

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Corporate Philosopy

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