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Tell me about your CCA What are your strength FYP Last job mind-boggling experience How would you describe yourself in 3 words How would your friends decribe your strength and weakness What was your one experience in life you found very tough What do you know about micron Tell me about the job profile Given a situation of priorities, rate them.

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Have you proceeded to the next round interview? Cuz your timeline is the same with mine, but my status is always in process.

Hey My status is also in process. Yes I got a call on 4th for the interview for second round. I interviewed on 7th April. They said that due to Covid-19, it caused them delay. And the final results would take more than usual. So wait to hear from us.

Hey, have they gotten back to you as of now? I had 2 rounds of interview on 7th Apr as well but till now, I've received no updates from them yet.

Why do you want to join us?

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1. Given a 3 array like below NSArray *a = [1,3,4,5]; NSArray *b = [-1,3,0,9]; NSArray *c = [0,31,32,22,6]; Find the elements from the three array which existing in atleast 2 arrays. Eg: [3, 0] Because 3 is presented in array a, b and 0 is presented in array b, c respectively. -(NSArray)find2ElementsAtleastPresentIn2Arrays:(NSArray*)aList b::(NSArray*)bList c::(NSArray*)cList{ // -- your code here. }

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How would you manage people that are more experienced than you? Where do you see yourself in 5 years' time?

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They asked if you are comfortable in the working conditions.

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Explain a few technical terms like markov chain, singleton, mvc, bloom filter, opportunistic lock, row-level locking

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Why you want to work in Micron?

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Introduce yourself Strengths and weaknesses Explain your FYP

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What will you do if you are doing repetitive works all the day?

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How do you draw a diagonal line on a page without using SVG/VML ?

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