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Video interviews generally test you on interpersonal, communication, business strategy and time management skills. Discovery Centre tests almost the same thing, and they're looking for empathy, how well prepared and how well you defend your points.

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Hi! Did you automatically received a level 2 email after you submitted your online application form? or you waited for several weeks before receiving the level 2 (online games) email? :) Thanks in advance for your response!

hey elle, yep! I received the pymetrics invitation email almost immediately, and the video interview invitation immediately after I submitted the pymetrics too :)

hey! how long did it take for you to get invited to a ftf interview after you completed your hirevue process? asking because I have an offer elsewhere already and not sure if I should keep waiting (its been a week since I submitted hirevue). thanks in advance!

Why would you want to work here.

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Tell me of a time when you had to manage a difficult group member how what was the eventually outcome or the current situation with this group member?

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English Test

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Most of the questions are based on SDS so just come prepared

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There was no difficult question. I think since I applied through school , the interview process was very simple.

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Basic questions about academic and work background

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tell us about yourself?

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You will be told to either present on your understanding of the topic or there will be a question-and-answer secession on the research topic

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Where do you get your news from?

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