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Interview was more a casual conversation (which I really liked) rather than a list of questions an interviewer asks an interviewee. A few questions I remember getting from the CEO were "Do you watch Netflix? What series are you currently watching?"

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Just be yourself and answer honestly and genuinely


I was asked if I had worked on state if the art technologies like in memory data grids and low latency systems? I was not asked too many details about when I replied in the affirmative.

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Imaginary tables without proper details of expected output and various scenarios.

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Technical asked us for the technical level ques to test if we know the subject

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Whats the first thing you will do once you join our office?

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Are my experiences relevant?

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When did you have a disagreement with your team? How did you resolve it?

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Design a system with very high contention, where requests are to be processed in sequence of version for same context.

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Based on some assumption of your expected roles and the company's solutions, what are your strategies of selling, creating account plannings, organizing your own sales teams, and growing the business?

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Leadership thoughts, focus

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